reliable, relevant, accessible
means to determine the ethical health of a brand
enabling greater transparency
of brands’ ethical performance
information to make
more ethical choices


Imagine a world in which consumer goods are produced without harming the environment, people or animals. Consumers want such products. And companies making and selling them have a growing advantage over those who don't.

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Brand Ethics has developed a credible, useable and used rating system to enable greater transparency of brands’ ethical performance. We bring to bear the power of consumer demand by rating most consumer products, starting with fashion brands, providing and promoting an industry baseline, and developing and promoting multiple pathways for use of the tool.

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Brand Ethics is working to enable collective impact by the myriad of consumer bodies, activists, and concerned shoppers who make up the growing world of ethical consumerism. When consumers have transparent, reliable information on brands, they can make more ethical purchases; producers can improve their production practices; activists and consumer groups know where to focus their attention.

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