Our credible, useable and used rating system enables greater transparency of brands’ ethical performance. The rating system provides consumers with information to make more ethical choices, enables ethical producers to communicate what they do, and can encourage other producers to improve their practices.

We focus on three key aspects– workers, animals, environment.

Transparency is key to informed consumer choice on these ethical issues. The ratings encourage brands to publish meaningful and credible information about their impact on workers, the environment, and animals.

Brand Ethics’ process to create a brand rating is as follows:

  • Material issues: For each of the three ethical aspects, we have identified the issues that are most material for products in the category, and ascribed a weight to each.
  • Sources: For each of the three ethical aspects we have identified key sources of publicly available data (relevant certifications, standards and accreditations); independent scorecards; self-declared public statements; and media mentions relevant to ethical performance in the three years prior to conducting a brand rating.
  • Performance: Brand Ethics then carries out a scoring process against the material issues for each of the ethical aspects. We positively-weight data that is reliable and independently verified.
  • Citizenship: We make small adjustments to the score for each ethical aspect based on any positive steps taken by a company to improve its ethical behaviour or any negative practices.
  • Purpose: We allocate a positive adjustment to the final score to acknowledge those companies designed to do good.

Ratings are reviewed annually or when new information about a significant change in performance becomes available (e.g. gaining a relevant certification, update of a key industry wide information source, or significant improvement in performance by a brand).

In the Good on You app, a brand’s score is presented on a five-point scale, with a text description explaining the rating. A more detailed rating for each of the three ethical aspects is also provided.

Please contact us directly if you’d like more detail on our approach.