Imagine a world in which consumer goods are produced without harming the environment, people or animals.

Brand Ethics has developed a credible, useable and used rating system to enable greater transparency of brands’ ethical performance. The rating system provides consumers with information to make better choices, enables ethical producers to communicate what they do, and can encourage other producers to improve their practices. Through these actions Brand Ethics aims to reduce/eliminate environmental impacts and human rights and animal abuses in the development of consumer goods.

To date, we’ve rated more than 1,200 fashion and footwear brands commonly founds in shopping centres throughout Australia and much of the Western world. That number will double this year, and we will soon be rating cosmetic brands. In future we aim to extend our ratings approach to an even wider range of consumer products, such as electronics.

While we work with various NGOs and consumer groups, the main communications vehicle for our ratings is the Good on You app. The app has has 30,000+ users in Australia and New Zealand, and launched in the US and Canada in March 2017.

We are also looking to engage more with brands and retailers to help them improve their practices and transparency.

Brand Ethics and Good on You are projects of Ethical Consumers Australia, an independent, not for profit organisation whose purposes is to make it easier for consumers to make choices that match their values.