We recognise the value of the range of work undertaken by certification bodies, NGOs and others to communicate ethical aspects of production to consumers, but also consumers’ potential confusion. We seek to build on that value — we seek to eliminate the confusion and enable consumers to make more ethical shopping choices.

In developing our methodology, and as the reach of Good on You has grown, we have worked with a number of organisations including FairTrade, CHOICE, Total Environment Centre, Oxfam, Baptist World Aid, World Vision and many others.

Here is some of what our partners have said:

“Growing numbers of consumers want to shop ethically but the proliferation of labels and certification schemes–some of them questionable–creates confusion. Brand Ethics’ rating system provides a solution to that problem.” Alan Kirkland, CEO, CHOICE

“Millions of people want consumer brands to reduce the harm they cause to people the planet and animals. This initiative creates a powerful way for them to use their shopping to make change.” Molly Harris-Olsen, CEO, Fair Trade Australia New Zealand

“There a huge opportunity to protect the environment by helping consumers buy better. To do this they need robust and credible information delivered effectively. Brand Ethics will make this possible.” Jeff Angel, Executive Director, Total Environment Centre